Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OKC Trip - Bricktown Water Taxi

One of my favorite things in OKC was our ride on the water taxi. It was a much smaller knock-off of San Antonio's Riverwalk, but is was a great tour. Bricktown is the jewel of OKC and this is a great way to see it and learn about it's history.

Below: "The Brick" ballpark

Below: Sonic's world headquarters :)
Below: we were surrounded by OU fans so we had to let them know... :)

Below: there are many art statues along the waterway depicting parts of OKC's history. We really learned a lot about the early settlers.

Yay! that was fun! :)

OKC Trip - Earl's Rib Palace

Five words... THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Hands down, honest to goodness the best BBQ pork ribs I have EVER eaten. Earl is Elvis Presley's old chef. No wonder the King put on those extra pounds. I would be in big trouble if we had an Earl's nearby. :)

OKC Trip - The Candy Company

While we were on the Bricktown Water Taxi, our driver recommended this old-school candy store with all the old candy, ice cream, soda pops, etc. It was fun for the kids to pick out their bags of candy.

Below: Skyline in the City...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

OKC Trip - Cowboy & Cowgirl Museum

Below: inside the museum they had a an awesome area that was a replica of a real old western town. It was interactive so we were able to go inside the buildings and experience a blast from the past.
Jail! :)

Old Bank...
Below: Old School House...
Below: The outdoor courtyard...

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