Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baseball starts again

Poopie had his first game of the season yesterday. I had to miss it due to my surgery, but Daddy said he did great. Last week Eric went to Poopie's school early to eat donuts because he will have to miss the annual Donuts with Dads next week due to work.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Young Women's Camp

Since Andi turns 12 this September, this year she was allowed to participate in our church's young women's camp. I am so glad this day is finally here so I no longer have to hear the minute to minute countdown. :) We are parents to a young woman! :) I am so happy she is getting this experience and so happy to raise our kids in our wonderful church.
yes, I wanted proof that I was up at this un-holy time of day... lol
Still pitch black for drop off. :) They had a three hour drive ahead.

Enjoying a nice Texas day...

We don't have any Spring Break plans but the kids are making the most of the great weather. Kaleb and Miguel love having neighbors over to play and I love that they are OUTSIDE. :)

bad manors

But so cute...

Last weekend we went to my friend Ingrid's house for dinner and fun. It is so awesome to have good friends. Ingrid and I met 4 years ago when we just moved here to Texas and I was working outside of the home. We discovered that we both just moved from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.! :) Small world. :)

Miguel and Poopie with Ethan.

Eric with Ingrid's dad on the left and her husband Daniel on the right

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monster Jam - Feb 2011

It's become a tradition for just Kaleb and Daddy to go to Monster Jam. This was our birthday gift to him just like last year. :)

Cowboy Staduim

The Pit Party
Poopie got on the big screen. :) He is waving, behind the guy in the grey shirt. :)

Signing the smash car that goes on the track

Kaleb's FAVORITE - Monster Mutt

They are all lit up because the "Grinder" just finished an interview with Speed then took a pic with Poopie. :)
locker rooms

"Air Force" rode so hard the shell came off and he kept driving!

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