Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Girl Angelina - 18 months

She is a DOLL if I do say so myself! :) The amount of words she can say are too many to type. Basically, she can say everything! Goosey LOVES to sing and dance and always asks you to put on her "sh-ooos" (shoes) so she can go "site." (outside) She has a major meltdown every morning when Daddy leaves for work then as soon as he closes the door she is a Mommy's baby again. :) She lights up EVERY MOMENT of every day and we are sooooo blessed to have her as our baby girl.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Her flute is here!

Today Andi's flute arrived. She is sooo excited to be in the Jr. High band. We can't wait to see what's in store for this chapter of her life!

First day of school was cool...

Below: The kids walking up to Eric's classroom to pick him up on his first day... :)
A rainbow in the sky later in the day... :)
Below: SUNSET!

Back to School

Dad - First year in his new position as a High School Teacher (juniors and seniors only)
Andi - First year of Jr. High (6th grade)
Miguel - Last year of Elementary (5th grade)
Kaleb - not starting Pre-K until Sept. 7th
Goosey - at home with Mommy. :)

Back to school tradition

This is our second year having a "Back to School Dinner" with the Kirkpatricks. :) The night before school starts we get together to celebrate.

The Lake!

The last Saturday of summer vacation we went to the lake with our friends the Carlsons. By the time we left it was dark. :) It was a great way to say goodbye to Summer vacation.

The Lake is actually huge and goes on for miles but you can't see it all from the swimming cove.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kaleb dominates! :)

Last Saturday Poopie played his last soccer game of the seaon. He scored 8 goals! :) This was his first season and once he got the hang if it, he was GREAT!

Below: It was grandparent day

Below: With his Coach

Below: out for ice cream to celebrate Poopie's goals

Below: GOAL!!!!! :)

Below: Way to go!!!

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