Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

And their off! Everyone was running so fast in a different direction the camera went blurry. :)

After church we had My cousin Scott, his son Chris and Goosey's birth mom over for Easter Dinner.

Ready for the egg hunt in our back yard...

Cousin Scott finding his basket...

Chris' turn to find his basket. Poopie was telling them if they were hot or cold. :)

Playing football...

Happy Easter!

Kaleb School Easter Egg Hunt

We avoided a meltdown over Kaleb's Easter basket with one orange lolli-pop. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Andi's 1st band concert. :)

This was Andi's 1st year in band. Eric and I were very surprised by how good this 6th grade beginning band played. Two weeks ago they were in a competition against other North Texas beginning bands and they won 1st place. :)

Below: A short video... :) They sounds great for their first year~

Their morning routine :)

What? It's time for this already?????

How can this be? How is it possible that it's already time to register my perfect baby boy for kindergarten? Ouch.

Spring is in the air! Time for yard work!

As the family supervisor, I love to see everyone working! :)

Flower bed before...
Flower bed after...
Front before:
Front After:

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