Friday, February 27, 2009

A little step back, but still doing good! (new pics from hospital room)

Today, Baby Girl had to go back on her oxygen and did need a few deep suctions but she is staying awake longer and still looks pink and healthy. She was VERY alert and as always, was fascinated by her Daddy. Looks like the "Daddy's little princess" thing has already started. :) It seems as though she knows our voices and she definitely scopes out Eric if she hears him talking. Today we brought the kids in for a visit (not close to her) and she looked right past them to look at her Daddy. lol I took pics of the room so you can see where Eric has been spending the night. :) We love her so much and we are soooo happy to be her parents.
Above: a pic from the door Below: a pic from across the sink area
Below: bathroom Below: our view from her room. What you can't see is a little river that goes around the hospital and a small pond outside of her room with a small waterfall.Below: a pic from the couch looking at the door and sink area. These rooms also have Internet access which is why you see Eric's work laptop in the pic above.

Below: a wardrobe change was needed after a small throw-up session. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Friends!

We have received lots of beautiful cards and gifts in the mail. Today we got these gifts for Baby Girl...
From Kristy N. and Family: Angelina's first toy, two jammies and a wearable blanket

Below: Gift card to Target from Ranae & Family Gift card to Babies R Us from Jen & Family

Below: Clothes from Dee. :)

Thanks sooooo much everyone!

We are putting all of our cards we receive on our"Wall of Love" so if you were one of the great people who sent us a card we will post a pic soon so you can find YOUR card on the famous wall. lol :)

A turn for the better!!!! :)

Baby Girl is doing MUCH better today! She is off her oxygen and has not needed a deep suctioning since yesterday. She is once again a rosey pink instead of being so pale. :) Here she is today... Prayer works and we hope you keep praying for her to have a complete recovery. The Dr's say she is still REALLY susceptible to catching RSV again if she is around ANYONE that might being carrying a cold so our other prayer is that she can stay healthy once she is home. Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No change :(

Baby Girl is still having a hard time. They tried to discontinue her deep suctioning today and her mucus got pretty clogged. She is not eating very well. They lowered her oxygen and she did not handle that like they thought she would because the oxygen alarms went off and her levels were in the 70's. I feel so helpless. It is hell going back and forth and I am sure this is very hard on our other kids, but all we want is for Angelina to get better asap. The respiratory therapist said that once she is home we have to keep her in a sanitized room and not let anyone around her for about TWO MONTHS! If we just had her, that wouldn't be so hard, but because we have a son in scouts and baseball, Andi in choir, activity nights, a three year old who needs me, and Eric going back to work next week, this will NOT be easy. We found out today that Eric does not get paid for this time on FMLA so this week we will LOSE $1,000k. I am just waiting for the "crap train" to pull out of our life and it looks like it is broken down on our track for a while. :( PLEASE continue to pray for Angelina. She is so small and precious and all we want is to see her well. Thanks again.

Monday, February 23, 2009

more hospital pics & update

Angelina is still the same, but not worse which is a good thing. She is eating, but not a ton because eating makes her more congested so she stops. Her face is so pale. Not the pink little baby we brought home. Today she opened her eyes for me for about 10 minutes so I was very happy about that. We LOVE the Children's Hospital in Plano. They are soooo nice and you can tell they love what they do. I am still VERY angry that Centennial sent us home from the ER twice in two days saying she only had a cold and of course it was much worse than that. I am glad we decided to bring her to Children's ER. That probably made all the difference. Since Baby girl is so new, she is too young for the breathing treatments so all they can do now is deep and neo suctioning. I have to step out of the room for that part. Eric and I are trading off but he is the one who stays over night. I am soooo grateful to have him as my husband. He is a rock during any crisis and I am always a wreak so I lean on him. People from church have been bringing dinner and I continue to be amazed at the selflessness of some people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sorry if this sounds sappy, but if you know anyone who would be willing to pray for her, please pass this along to them. Thank you so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Girl update & more pics

Angelina is the same. She did have to get an IV to help keep her hydrated since it is difficult for her to eat. My poor little baby. She is still struggling. Angelina has had two blessings and we know she will get better. I am overwhelmed by the amount of friends and neighbors who have helped us out. Thank you all so much for stepping in. Eric is the one who has been spending the night at the hospital with the baby. I miss her so much, but our other three kids are also very sick and I need to help them. We might switch off tomorrow. Tonight, Baby Girl was very restless and having a hard time so I sang her favorite song (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star) and she finally went to sleep. I will continue to keep everyone updated. Thanks so much for the prayers!

Please pray for our baby!

Angelina was admitted to Children's Hospital last night with RSV. The Dr. said she should be fine, but right now she is struggling. She has to be suctioned about every thirty minutes. Then, about 20 minutes later she starts struggling again when the mucus builds up and she will start to foam at the mouth. She just had an IV inserted because she is not able to eat a lot to stay hydrated. Please pray for our little princess. We know in our hearts she will be ok and the Dr's said she will be fine, but we want her to heal quickly and we believe that prayer works. Thanks so much.

Miguel's update

Miguel is still active in scouts and just went to the scout Blue and Gold Banquet a couple of weeks ago. He has two new leaders which he loves and the meetings are right down the street from us so that is very nice for me. :) Miguel just started the baseball season so we know what we will be doing every Saturday from now until June. Luckily, I love baseball so I am happy for the time sacrifice. This year, his coach is our neighbor and a good friend friend from church. We know their family well and we have already spent a few holidays together. Eric is helping as an assistant so Miguel is loving that extra time with Dad.

Smart Baby!

Baby Girl can hold her own bottle. She does it almost every time we feed her. I think we have a genius on our hands... :)

Grandma and Elena went back to Cali today

I had to make dinner tonight... :( I will have to start doing my own laundry again... :( LOL

I took some pics of the kids playing in the back yard last night. At first glance they look fine, but then I zoomed in for another pic and you can see Elena and Kaleb fighting for the ball.
(Basically all they did for 7 days) :) lolBelow: taken around 7:30am this morning before they left.
Below: Sure... NOW you are going to miss each other...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you so much ladies!!!

We received some AWESOME gifts in the mail today from some of my wonderful friends. Thanks ladies!

Below: Boppy from Jen W.

Below: The bath set from Eliza and Family

Below: Clothes from my Friend Christina in MI. She is due herself VERY soon! :)
Below: the shirt on the right says "Daddy Loves Me" lol
Below: Personalized burp clothes from Liz. They are so pretty I don't want to use them! :)

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