Sunday, November 30, 2008

Say cheese!

Not bad for a free pic huh? They took our family pic in downtown McKinney last night as part of their Dicken's Christmas event.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too Funny! Look at us Disco! lol

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Friday, November 28, 2008

I have a new nephew!

Introducing... Wyatt Karlson Lander
Congrats Lander Family!

We had to show off our niece and nephew

Eric's sister Deidra e-mailed new pics of the kids and they are soooo cute!

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Our day started bright and early with a Church Turkey Bowl game. :) Eric did great but Poopie was concerned when he saw daddy dive on the ground. He ran on the field to ask Daddy if he was ok. lol Then we went home to cook and clean before our guests arrived at 3pm. Everyone brought so much food so when you combined all of our goodies, you could have fed an army! :) The food was GREAT and best of all, the COMPANY was terrific! We had the Cochran's, Carlson's and the Gallacher's over for this special day. (20 people and 11 of those were kids!:) Another awesome visitor who stopped by was our birth mom! I got to feel baby girl move in her tummy. It was GREAT!

We ate, watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special and played games. The party didn't wind down until 10pm! :) Thanks so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! I would like to end by saying that I am soooo thankful for my family, life, friends, animals, home, Texas and church. I am very truly thankful.

Below: Turkey bowl pics
Below: Poopie saying "hi" to Brother Hafen.
It was so hard for Poopie to stay on the sidelines. He said he was a little grown up so he wanted to play too. :)
Below: Thanksgiving party

Below: I bought this gravy boat almost 10 years ago for $7. :)
Below: After game timeTime for dessert!

As you can see from his shirt, Poopie really enjoyed eating! lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remember these???? LOL!

Yes, Andi slept in the old school pink sponge curlers last night for our adoption pics today. :) lol Here is the picture progression of her hair-do... :)

Who are these good looking kids? :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More free family fun...

We drove over to the park tonight to have some family time. The leaves were changing, the lake was tranquil and the night was beautiful. What a great Sunday this has been.

Look at them!

Are they good looking or what? :) I was noticing how cute they all are after we got home from church. The best part is... they are MINE! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andi's Choir Program

Andi had her 4th grade Veteran's Day program tonight and it was GREAT!
We LOVE her school and we are so proud of Andi.

Below: Our friend Bonnie took our pic before it started. We got there 45 minutes early so we could sit in the front row. :)

Below: Andi with her friend Elena. (Elena is also our neighbor.)

Below: Andi submitted Papa's name to honor his WWII service and medals. We are so proud of Papa and love him so much.

Below: Here is Andi saying her part. She is all the way on the far right. I could not get over there but you can still see and hear her. She was awesome!
Below: A couple small video samples of the great singing. :)

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