Monday, June 30, 2008

Are you tired of hearing it?

I LOVE living here in Texas! On our way to scope out the place where we will go to watch fireworks after our party on Friday, (everyone from the party is going to follow each other there so we wanted to find the best place to meet etc...) we saw some awesome Texas Longhorns! They did not mind that I walked right up to them to take a pic. (There was a fence.) :) ... I love that we can just drive down the street and enjoy nature, without the nature smell! lol

Getting Ready...

We have 4th of July stuff everywhere! By tonight it will all be up. Mark my words. Even if that means Eric has to work all night! Ooops! I mean even if WE ALL have to work all night. Yes, that sounds better. Anyway, we are all so excited for our 5th annual Hill Family Fun-Old Fashioned-Family-4th of July BBQ and Potluck we are having this Friday. This has been such a fun tradition for our family over the years. We will miss those who were able to attend while we were in Cali, but like last year, we are so happy to have such great friends who will be able to celebrate with us here in Texas.

Hill Wrestling Federation

Poopie loves to "tackle" his Daddy. If Eric doesn't keep his guard up, he could really get a good beating! lol

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kitty Cam

We got some new cat toys for Puppy and Frannie today. (Yes, I have a cat named Puppy. Yes, I named her. Are you surprised?) I scored big on a trip to the pet store. Originally, I was not there to buy anything, I was just looking for FREE entertainment for the kids! lol (Poopie LOVES looking at all the animals.) Anyway, Andi pointed out a clearance rack and they had cat toys for under a $1. I got about 4 things that were only 50 cents each so I did not even pay $3 and the cats LOVE their new toys. Yipee for PetSmart! When we got home, they cats started playing right away. I got some cute pics. Poopie was very excited to buy the cats their toys. He said... "Yea! We are getting toys for YOUR cats Mommy! for YOUR cats! You have to pet your cats ok?" lol

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Picture of the future...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Date Night 2008!

Yes folks. Eric and I went on a date tonight. Our last date was TWO years ago! Thanks to our awesome friends Rick and Liz (Poopie named her Girl so that's what we call her), we were able to have a kid free dinner out! We NEVER eat out because we like to save $, but we REALLY needed a date. :) After dropping off the kids and Girl taking our picture before we left their house, we drove to the Galleria in Dallas and ate at this REALLY cool place called the Grand Lux Cafe. This place gives HUGE portions. We LOVE to eat and even we could not finish. LOL! Even though the place looks and feels totally upscale, the prices are VERY reasonable. Especially since they give you enough to take home and eat for the next four days! lol Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun at Rick and Liz's house and we had a nice "quiet" meal. :) Here's to another two years! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Birthday Fun

After our late night street party last night, our fun continued today with our neighbor's 6th Birthday party. (Mr. Nick's son) There was pizza, cake & ice cream, a Darth Vader piñata, and fun, fun, fun! Poopie ate so much he had to lay back in his chair to catch a breath. lol Andi was of coarse with all the girls and Miguel was eyeing all the gifts. :) Happy Birthday Connor!!

Street Party

Last night, our street had it's first ever Summer Kick Off BBQ/Pot Luck. Everyone brought a dish and their own drinks. We blocked off the street between our house and our neighbors directly across from us. The kids bounced away on the bounce house and the adults all got to know each other better. There were some of the older neighbors and some that are so new they either just moved in last week or will be moving in by the end of the month. This party rocked until after 11pm and ended with Andi having a little sleepover at our house. :) I am glad to say that we live on the best street in the USA and have the best neighbors in the world!
I know all the other streets in our neighborhood are jealous! lol

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