Friday, September 28, 2012

Poopie football team meet and greet - August

At the beginning of August we hosted Poopie's football team at our neighborhood pool for the team "meet and greet."  It was nice to get to know the parents and fun for the boys to swim. :)

Goosey's hair :)

While in the hotel, Goosey enjoyed her down time playing video games and getting her hair done by Andi. :)

Poopie's first football clinic - end of July

House flood - July

At the end of July Andi flooded our house by stopping up her sink and letting the water run all day.  It resulted in almost every part of our house needing repair.  We were in a hotel for over a month. 
NOT a good experience.

 There were a lot of trips to home deopt over that month...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last night the baby started walking!

10 months and 3 weeks old - Sept. 25th - 7:45pm.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Austin Mini Summer Vacation :)

On the way to Austin... Goosey wanted to paint her nails orange for the Longhorns. :)

Arrived!  First stop... UT!

Next stop... Lake Travis - Mud Cove

On the way back we saw a deer.  I have NEVER before seen a deer in the wild. 
Goosey named it Sandy. :)

Hotel living...

Visit to Barton Springs

Andi and Miguel on the diving board...

Barton Springs is located in Zilker Park which has a train ride and play area.  Such good, cheap fun for the family!  If you are ever in Austin, this is a great place to visit.

Texas History Museum - GREAT place for kid and for adults like me who think museums are boring. :)  Very interactive!  We saw a interactive movie where your seats moved and there was wind, it was awesome.

Below: The first thing we did was see their Texas Star show.  It was great!  The seats moved, there was wind and lots of special effects in the theater.

I like that music players from the 80's and 90's are now in a museum... lol

Out to dinner... We tried to save money so we only went out to dinner once. They had a stage and the littles were dancing.  
It was a good time.

Below: I needed to take a pics of this McDonald's...
Only in Texas is a Longhorn part of the McDonald's lawn decore... lol
Texas State Capital Visitors Center...

Then we walked to the actual Capital Building for the tour...

Below: This is where I sang on a choir trip to Texas when I was 16.  Almost 20 years ago. :)

 This was a great mini vacation for the Hill family.  As we left we ran in to a pretty big storm which made for some SLOW driving and cool pics. :)

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