Monday, March 31, 2008


Gladys Knight is a member of our church and she has a wonderful choir that she conducts (they have a CD out now) and we went to a performance of theirs in Dallas on Saturday night. The show was so beautiful. Some friends of ours from our old ward (church) in California are members of this elite choir and we were soooo excited that even with all the people there, we ran into our friend Terry as soon as we walk in the door! After the show, we were also able to meet up with our friend Joan. (Terry's wife) I was so happy to see one of my old friends from church, I cried when I hugged Joan. :) It was such a boost for us to see them. I like to joke with people that I was once the choir director for this famous family! lol (Their daughter Heather is also in the choir and she is WAY beyond talented. She sings her own song on their Christmas cd.)

We are so grateful for this little reunion.


Miguel has turned out to be a pretty good ball player. He is still really young and he never had the opportunity to have a dad to throw the ball around with him or teach him the fundamentals before he came to be with us, so he was raw when we first put him in. You should have seen his batting stance. Yikes. Anyway, three seasons later, he is really catching on.

Before you view the video below, you should know that I am one of "those" parents at a game. I am a HUGE baseball freak (Go Angels!) and I am a very competitive when it comes to sports. At one of Miguel's games, while we were still in California, his coach had moved him to play 3rd base and I knew he didn’t have the first clue about playing in-field. There were runners on 1st and 2nd so I kept reminding him that if he gets the ball, he needs to tag his base. You know... "Miguel! If you get the ball, tag your base! Don't forget the play is at 3rd! It's coming to you! Get ready! Don't forget to tag your base!" You get the picture. Well, Miguel's coach started yelling out last minute reminders to the kids before the batter came up to the batter's box and when he got to Miguel he said, "Miguel! If you get the ball, tag your base!" Miguel then threw up his hands and yelled out... "I KNOW! MY MOM ALREADY TOLD ME!" lol!!! I yelled back to the coach... "I got it covered coach!" Everyone was cracking up. So in the future when you are outside and hear a woman's voice yelling instructions to her little leaguer; don't worry. It's just me. You should worry if you can hear it all the way in California because that would mean I am getting a little too rowdy here in Texas... :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Finally! The Easter pictures are up! :) Sorry for the delay. We had a great Easter. There is a rule in our house that on holidays like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc. you can eat whatever you want. You can imagine the green light that gives the kids to dive in to their baskets! :) Poopie is particularly fond of this rule as you can see from the pics below. lol The kids enjoyed finding their baskets, eating the ears off the chocolate bunnies and the indoor Easter egg hunt. You can see from the HUGE mess, they had fun. In the evening we had Easter dinner with all the fixings topped off with my annual Easter Bunny cake. The colorful ovals you see hanging in the dinner pics are not (what you might think because of the really big mess) big dust bunnies. :) They are tissue Easter eggs. We hope you all had a great Easter.

Pre-Easter Festivities

We like to do a lot with our kids leading up to any given holiday so it enhances the anticipation. BUT, I also need to save money so we utilize all the free neighborhood and city events and holiday TV shows. It is a beautiful situation. :) Here we are enjoying some of our "pre-holiday" fun...

In the pic below, the kids are watching the Charlie Brown Easter Special... :)

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