Sunday, May 31, 2009

This pics says it all...

Kaleb and Angelina right after we got home from the street party... Awwww... don't they look cute!?

Update on Sweet Sophie!

She is breathing on her own! PLEASE continue to pray for her FULL recovery! Here parents got to hold her for the first time in almost a month and the pics on their site will melt your heart!

Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Annual Matador Drive Summer Kick-Off Party!

This year was even better than last year! :) No "attack of the flies" and the weather was beautiful! We did a Luau theme which we will make a tradition and got to meet new neighbors who were not here last year. We finally came in after 11pm so I call that a party! Eric and Miguel had a baseball game so they were able to make it for the second half. Most of us have kids and they had a great time. There were three new babies this year and two of our neighbors are pregnant so our little neighborhood is growing. :) Eric and I are so happy to have a great core of neighbors.Thanks so much Matador Drive for a GREAT night!

Above: Thanks for hosting us in your driveway guys!

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