Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hill Family Sleepover!

Of you are on a "so low it's NO" budget like us, you might like this... Around here we have family sleepovers. They are free, fun, and full of memories. We get homemade pizza and watch a movie together in our bedroom. The kids can only get "invited" if they are not in trouble. I let the kids stay awake as long as they want to watch TV after the movie is over, but only Miguel makes it. :) I found that along with being free family fun, it is a motivator to get "invited." We all enjoy this little tradition. :)

End of the season Baseball Party

Below: All the men "helping" with the BBQ... lol

Jammie fun!

My mom sent a "Grandma" package with some outfits, toys and the kids favorite... jammies!

Below: the kids wanted to wear their new digs for bed that night...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tonight was a SPLASH!

Tonight we took the kids to the park/splash pad a block or so from our front door. I am so grateful to live in a neighborhood that offers this kind of kid friendly environment at no cost to us! :) (I guess we pay for it with taxes...) lol Anyway, the kids had a lot of fun and even Angelina got in on the action thanks to Daddy's help. :)

Saucer Time!

Baby Girl is finally old enough to use Kaleb's old saucer. He was a great big brother and showed her how to use everything. :) She LOVED it!

Sweet sisters

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

We had a GREAT Father's Day. :) The kids and I made a "chain of love" for Eric and every link had a reason why we love him, we made a "flower bouquet" pic from the kids hands, the kids made cards and we sang "Happy Father's Day to You" while holding a Twinkie which had 4 candles for each of the kids as Daddy walked down the stairs. I know that even on a budget of NO dollars, Eric was able to feel how much we love and adore him. :) We did not end up going to church because we had NOTHING to wear! I forgot our dryer was broke so we did not have enough time to air dry our clothes in time for church. Oops!
Below: waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Daddy.

Below: reading his chain...

Below: Kaleb is wearing the new jammies Eric's mom got him that say "Daddy's My Hero."

Birthday fun

On Saturday we went to our friend/neighbor Connor's birthday party. His mom's brother and step mom were visiting fro NY so it was great to meet them. When you add water to any party, the kids are happy. :)

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