Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ready for Jr. High??

Thursday night I had to go to the local Jr. High and register ANDI! (Thanks to Joni & Kent for watching all the other kids while I got this done) I can't believe we are the parents of an "almost" Jr. High schooler! She does NOT seem old enough for this. Yikes. Anyway, while I was there they gave the parents the opportunity to buy school shirts and I knew Andi would love that so I got her one. She asked me right away if she could wear it to school the next day so she could be cool. lol

Prince Poopie

Here is my Prince with his crown that he made at school. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

4 little monkey's jumping on the bed...

this weekend we were re-organizing my room, rearranging the furniture and bed, and washing the sheets. the kids had to get in on the sheetless bed action... :) Don't worry, Caption Safety (aka: Daddy) was standing RIGHT on the side ready to prevent any calls to the Dr... lol

Below: I had to add these pics of the baby playing in the hamper... :)

Below: This is a blackmail pic for Kaleb's teen years... lol Last night I was brishing Kaleb's hair after his bath. Since the baby's hair is not long enough for me to have fun with just yet, I thought I would try her bows out on Poopie. I picked blue so it would match with his Spiderman jammies. haha Poor kid. I told him to give me his best "girl" smile. LOL!!! I asked him how he liked his hair in bows and he said... "Yuck!" "I'm NOT a girl." I'm guessing it will be a long while before he lets me brush his hair again.

Friday, February 19, 2010


This year was Kaleb's 1st time to make Valentine's cards and have a school Valentine's party. He had so much fun. Andi & Miguel's school Valentine's parties got rescheduled because of the snow day. I woke up on Valentine's Day and didn't notice anything unusual as I got ready for church. When we got home from church I noticed Eric had decorated our kitchen island with cards and decorations. :) I have NO IDEA how I missed that in the morning, but in my defence Eric did get the kids ready for church for me as I slept in so I guess that's why I didn't see his awesome display.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Angelina's 1st birthday pics!

What a great day! We are so lucky to have such awesome friends/neighbors to spend these moments with us. Although the baby was getting a cold and she was NOT going to smile, we had a good time celebrating her special day. I didn't realize until after the party but the date of her party was exactly one year from the day we brought her home to be with us forever. :)

Below: her smash cake. :)

Below: this was the door hanger we got at the hospital when the baby was born. :)

Below: opening some gifts...


Below: My talented friend Juli took some pics of the party for me and they turned out GREAT! As a "thank you" for those who attended, Juli took their family/kids pics.

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