Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby binge eating?

Angelina has recently discovered a love for cherrios. She eats them at every meal after her baby food and will eat and eat as long as you give them to her. I know she has had enough when she eats herself to sleep... lol

This ones for Grandma. The baby wants to tell you "Hi!"

Donuts with Dads

The kids had a "Donuts with Dads" breakfast at school. I gave my husband the camera and he didn't "remember" to take pics of HIM with the kids. lol So, this is all I can use from his pics... Thanks anyway babe. :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Angelina - 11 months

Her recent nicknames are "goosie" & "chickee" lol
She can clap and loves to rock back and forth when her toys play music. Angelina is sooo much fun and a complete joy to be around... UNTIL she gets tired. Then, all bets are off. lol As of now she can walk along the furniture, but not on her own.
She can say...
  • daddy or da-da
  • mama (ma-ma-ma-ma-ma) several times in a row... lol
  • big brother (bee bra)
  • hi
  • toy (tuh)
  • baby (bey)
  • uh-oh
  • all done (ahhhhhhh-done)
  • ball (ba)
  • that (dat)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Buds

Kaleb and the baby are two peas in a pod. Angelina idolizes him so she follows him everywhere. Kaleb loves the "God-like" status. :) I was putting a load of laundry in the dryer and came out to find this... I know, a little close to the TV, but soooo cute. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Longhorns #1 Fan

This year Kaleb has really developed a love for the Texas Longhorns. Eric's team is USC so he had nothing to do with this. Poopie has become a Texas fan all on his own. He will sit and watch an ENTIRE game. Last night was the championship against Alabama. although Texas lost, their #1 fan looks forward to next year. :) Hook 'em Horns!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Unexpected day off school

Today we woke up to find out the kids schools (Poopie's too)had been cancelled due to the extreme cold weather, (highs in the 20's) ice and single digit wind chill. My kids and my daycare kids have had a nice playing day. We all sat down to watch "Up" which I have never seen before. FYI... This is NOT a movie to watch if you are already sad. Anyway, it's nice to have daycare kids that are well behaved. Makes life MUCH easier. They have pretended not to notice my crying on and off all day. My own kids have been helping by bringing tissue over and over. I am grateful for good kids today. NOt grateful to have watched "Up."

My Poodie Princess

My heart breaks. It's almost overwhelming to say, but Poodie is gone.
I have copied this from my other site because honestly I can't go over it again.

Last night, Eric had to take Poodie to the vet to be put to sleep. He stayed with her the entire time. I am sooo grateful for him. He spent time with her before hand, pet her, loved her, prayed for her and then stayed during until she was gone. I could not go because I would be hysterical and I didn't want her last moments to be stressed by worrying about me. She was always in tune with my feelings. I had her since I was NINETEEN years old. (I am 32 now) She was my first baby. She looked after me and loved me through every event of my life. About 6 months she started to not be able to walk. She would go to the bathroom on herself, but I kept holding off hoping (irrationally) that she would get better. She would get shots from the vet of steroids and then we able to walk around a little so I thought maybe... I also wanted her last days to be with me sleeping with her in my bed, giving her steaks, none of that happened. She could not control her bathroom so I could not put her in the bed. It has been too cold for her outside, we had to lift her to move her... I realized yesterday that I was only waiting because I could not handle her passing but by being selfish she was suffering. The last straw was yesterday morning when I brought her in the house she started to pee and then whimpered because she was sorry and I cried telling her it's ok and to pee all she wants and just cleaned it up around her. The poor baby didn't want to do it but could not help it and I could not stand that she was embarrassed and it was painful to see the hurt in her eyes. I told Eric to bring her as soon as he got home so I didn't change my mind. The pain is deep. I said goodbye to her and she was hugging me with her face and whimpering. She knew. She kissed me. We sat there together with our heads pressed together while I told her how sorry I am that she got less and less attention as our family grew and what a good girl she was to me and I was happy to be her mommy. I said I loved her. I kissed her over and over. Once Eric came back from the vet I knew it was over and lost it. She will never come back. I love her so much. I am hurting. I can't really express the empty feeling I have right now but one thing I know is that Poodie is and always will be my princess. She filled the last 13 years with companionship and love for me during my darkest moments and during life's celebrations. Up until last year she was still running around with her wild streak and even in her last days while she was paralyzed and could not move, she would still try and muster a strong bark if someone was near our house so she could "protect" her family. I love you Poodie. Now and FOREVER.

Below: Poodie and I when I was 19

Below: last year before she really started going downhill. She was smiling in this one. :)

Goodbye my Princess Poodie Mama. I love you. We will miss you. Thank you for your love, loyalty and protection. You will always be my baby and I thank you for letting me be your Mommy even though I could have been a better one. Thank you for filling my heart when I was lonely and for comforting me when I was sad.
Your a good girl. I hope you are with my Papa and Grammie because I know they will take care of you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Every time the baby eats she says "mmmm" when she takes a bite. who would have guessed that a baby of mine would love food this much? lol

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jesus wants him for a SUNBEAM!

Yesterday was Poopie's first day as a Sunbeam at church. This is the big time as far as Sunday school goes. Before he was in "Nursery" and now he gets to take part of group sharing time with the other big kids during the second hour and he has his own small class. I can't believe I have a baby boy in Sunbeams. He was NOT excited to go to sharing time at first because it was something new but by the end of class he was over it and happy. The title is taken from a church song which says "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" which we have been singing at home to get ready for the "big move." I guess things like this are always bigger for the parents than for the kids because he told me that he has always been a big boy in a big boy class and asked why i was taking his pic at church. lol Anyway, the hands of time keep turning and the next thing I know he will be starting high school.
Below: The first class is called "sharing time" where all the little kids classes come together to learn song and hear a lesson. He was NOT happy to be there at that moment but still sat reverently with his arms folded. :)

This was taken about 20 minutes in to sharing time when he had to go outside to get his "official" primary pic taken.

Here he is with his new teacher Sister Christiansen.

After showing off his work and sunbeam sticker.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

This year, we had our own quiet New Year celebration complete with dinner and dancing. :) (Pizza served on the coffee table and the kids having a dancing contest.) 2009 is gone and a new decade is upon us. We wish you a VERY happy and healthy 2010 from our family to yours.

Below: Got our noise makers ready!


Below: Daddy put confetti on the fan and when the clock struck 12, he turned it on and confetti flew everywhere. :)
Below: Kaleb showing off his booty shake. lol
The baby woke up for her night bottle just in time to ring in the new year. Love her bed head. :)
Below: Almost there!
This is it! Happy New Year!

Below: ummm... What the heck is that blowing thing coming at me?

Below: The baby is NOT sure about all the noise. lol

Now she's getting into it... :)
Below: Our traditional New Years Toast

Below: Please enjoy this short video...

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