Saturday, September 27, 2008

MC Poopie Loo

The video below is his world debut...

Fun Fun Fun!

Our family friend Brother Mason has his own BBQ catering business and he was scheduled to have a booth at a local art fair. He asked Eric if he could help him out today and my dear husband was happy to pitch in. We wanted to go to visit him and we ended up staying for more than 4 hours! Lillie spent the night last night so we brought her along. There was shuttle (bus) parking and the bus dropped you off right in front of the event. Right away the kids saw the horse and carriage ride, bounce house, pony rides and petting zoos and I was glad that they were all FREE. It was a great family event. Poopie was fascinated by the fire trucks and he went on the pony rides at least four times. :) The kids were able to pick out pumpkins to paint, ride on the barrel train, do art projects and have Italian ice. I hope you watch the video of Poopie on the pony. It is so cute!
Below: The stud you see under the canopy is Eric! :) I would order food from him any day! :)

Below: And & Miguel with Brother Mason

Below: Us on the horse and carriage ride. I swear I was wearing make up at the start of the day. This pic was taken when we were about to leave and it had melted off. lol

Below is the video of Poopie on the pony ride. He is soooo cute! :)

Below: 5 minutes after we left. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friends and neighbors

I am wathing Mr. Nicks kids tonight while he goes to a football game with Eric. Tonight was "Man Night" for our street. Our next door neighbor is a varsity coach in Dallas so they went to watch his game. I took these pics at around 10:45p as the kids were slowing down with a movie. I love that they can have a night like this to make some memories with their little friends. Miguel is missing from these pics because he had to go to bed early (9pm) lol due to some lack-luster school work returned in his folder... 9pm is late to me, but in his mind, it might has well have been 6pm. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Little Cub Scout

Isn't he handsome! He had a little speaking part but it is hard to hear because he was covering his face with his letter so you will have to crank up those speakers! lol Below: Too see Miguel's speaking part, please click on the arrow located on the bottom left side of the box.

We are so grateful for all the adults who work with these boys and give so much of their time and efforts. We really appreciate them.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Adrianna!

Andi's b-day celebrations started Saturday with handing out brownies after her soccer game and hearing her team sing to her. (She also won a star for her jersey for her great hustling during the game.) Then, today I surprised her at school with a birthday lunch. Tonight, we had some of our awesome neighbors over for a little party of cupcakes and gifts. We love you Andi!!!!! You are a good girl who tries so hard to make everyone happy. We are so proud of you!
To see the video below, please click on the arrow located on the bottom left of the picture...

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