Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Man, His Son & a Football...

Last night, Eric went to meet the Hafen's at the first ever Liberty High School Football game. We were going to go too, but the cost was $7 per person! Since Poopie was free, he was the lucky one who got to go with Daddy. Eric said he was scared almost the entire game holding on to Eric for dear live. Then... he saw a tackle right in front of his face. This changed everything. Suddenly, he was cheering along with Daddy, dancing to the drums and totally engaged. When they got home, he couldn't tell me fast enough about all of the stuff he saw. After a young man from our church scored a touchdown, the cheerleaders threw out goodie bags and little footballs into the stand. Daddy and son were one of the lucky ones to get a ball. :) He seemed most excited about the touchdowns and tackles. lol He told me more while we were getting him ready for bed and he managed to tackle Daddy a few times before settling down for the night. :) I was afraid of this day. I know that I am a single woman during football season so I was hoping Poopie's fire for football would not start this soon... I have husband who is thrilled. Geez.

He makes his own fun because Mommy is boring...

Since Andi and Miguel are back in school, I am Poopie's only playmate and I am no fun. :) I was on the computer and Poopie was playing in the living room. (Our computer is in the kitchen so I am able to watch him.) He was playing and having fun right next to me but since I was typing away, I didn't realize how much fun. :) When I looked over, I saw couch cushions off the couch, my sandals on the floor and my vacuum tipped over. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he made a mountain so he could climb. Once he climbed up in about two steps, I said, "now what are you going to do?" He said, "Now I made a slide!" :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I LOVE this face!!!!!!


& Now...

Meet Pops Lander Jr.

My son looks like the spitting image of Pops in this nifty "All Occasion" shirt. :) I see a trend starting... :) See what I mean!? Gotta love these kinds of shirts! Now if we can just find Miguel one with an animal on it, we will be set... :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Yipee!!!!!!!! A VERY happy mom here to report that we made it to school this morning will all the lunches, backpacks, and each other. Poopie is very upset since we got home because he does not get to go to school with Brother and Sissy. :)

I LOVE the kids school. They just opened last year and already they are ranked as an exemplary school based on their superior standardized test scores. The exemplary rating is the highest you can receive. You can't beat having a top rated school just about a bock from your front door.
My first one that was ready for school this morning was my super hot teacher husband Eric. :) Where were the teachers that looked like him when I was in school? lol
Below: Andi found the school bus hair bow we got her a few years back when it was her first year of school living with us. I love having girl hair to "decorate." :)

Below: Everyone is ready to walk to school. Yes, Poopie is still in his jammies. I am NOT a morning person. LOL

Below: Who are these big kids? Andi started 4th grade and Miguel started 3rd. Poopie starts "Play school with Mommy in the morning." lol Andi wants to try and get in to her school's choir. The music teacher takes the first 55 kids that bring back the singed permission slip. The choir is really good. I found out at back-to-school night that this is serious business. It was recommended that after school the parents camp out in front of the school and sign the slips right there and the kids run them back to the music teacher. I will know by the time I pick her up if she was able to run it in fast enough. :) Wish us luck!

Below: We ALL have chore lists to help keep us organized this year.

Lets see how long this lasts... :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday Night Was Back To School Night

The kids are excited to go back to school. I am OVER THE MOON!!!! lol :)
Below: Andi & Miguel with their teachers from last year...

Miguel Got Baptized!

We are so proud of him. He was smiling the entire time from ear to ear. He received a wonderful custom towel from Sister Ciminski which we will treasure forever. I am sooo happy that my family gets to experience these kinds of blessings. We have come such a long way. Below: I braided Andi's hair for the special day. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Below: Any fellow "Simpson's" fans will understand that we copied Ned Flanders' door sign... :)

Poopie fell asleep on the way so he missed the first half. He did get to see the baptism and now he keeps saying that he wants to get bath-tized and meet the Holy Ghost lol :)

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