Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beat It!

Eric shows Poopie different "old school" videos on You Tube. Poopie loves watching Michael Jackson videos. Last night, after his bath, he went to say goodnight to Daddy and saw him listening to music on the computer. He asked Daddy, "Michael Jackson munic (moo-nick) please! I suggested "Thriller." Once Eric started Thriller, Poopie said, "No Daddy! Beat It!" lol Eric changed the video to “Beat It” and Poopie was a happy camper. :) Yikes! Another old school fan. Each family should only have one…

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fair in the Square!

Frisco had its first ever "Fair in the Square" this week. When I saw that there was no price for admission, I jumped at the chance to have a low cost family outing! :) lol Andi and Miguel were still in their uniforms because as soon as we got back from their games, we were off. Because they knew in advance that we were not buying anything and we were not playing the carnival games, there were no disappointments. (Thank goodness.) We had such a GREAT time! We set a limit to the number of tickets we would buy and the kids got to pick their rides according to how many tickets they wanted to "spend." Everything was so in-expensive; they were able to go on everything they wanted. It was a small fair so there were only about 10 to 12 rides. Poopie did NOT want to get out of his stroller because he was so into eating his cotton candy. :) Today, we hit the jackpot. We didn't have to wait in any lines, we found a free parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT of the entrance, and the weather was beautiful. God Bless Texas. lol :)
These two pics were taken in the downtown Frisco Square right before we went in to the fair.

Below: On our way back to the van after a great afternoon!

Almost swim time!

Our neighborhood pool will be open soon! They have finished the final touches and the kids are so excited. I am too! lol We were at the park for our play date last night and it was around dusk so I got these really cool pics.

Play Date

Last night, we watched our friends' kids while they went on a date. Next week, it will be our turn! :) The kids had a great time.

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