Saturday, August 29, 2009

Need a little help from my friends...

I know two great couples who are hoping to adopt. I just want to put their websites out there in case you know of ANY situation that might help them find their little one. If you know anything or ever come across any situation, PLEASE don't hesitate to call/contact me. I will connect all the right people so you don't have to do anything other than pass along the info. Thank you so much!
Liz & Rick: waiting for #1
Ken & Rachel: looking to add to their family
If you are hoping to adopt and have a site, please let me know and I will post yours too. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today Eric & the Kids started school. We spent all night picking out their outfits for the week. :) Here are some pics from today...






After School... my kids & their friends Lillie & Connor who happen to be my after-school daycare kids. :)


Back to school picnic

To celebrate the new school year, we got together with my friend Joni's family for a back to school picnic at our park last night. It was a beautiful evening and a great way to end the summer. :)


Calling all bloggy friends!

My friend's son is in a photo contest and I am here to selfishly plug for votes. Voting is almost done and he is behind my 29 votes. This wonderful boy is biracial AND adopted like my own so he is close to my heart. Will you take 5 seconds to vote for him by going to this site and voting for #4? Joseph? The poll is at the very bottom of the blog page so you have to scroll all the way down! Thanks soooo much!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snow Cone Lady

We could not end the summer without a trip to the "Snow Cone" lady. This snow cone stand is famous in this here parts. :) Of course this was Baby Girl's first time. Below: Poopie was wearing his jammies. :)

Above: hmmmm... not sure if I like this!!

Below: YEs! Yes I do! I want more! :)

If any of you in this area have not been to the Snow Cone Lady yet, I highly recommend it because you can treat your entire family for about $5. Super cheap, super cool. :)

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night was "meet the teacher night" at the kids school. They don't start until Monday but this is a casual evening for the kids to find out what class they are in and go meet their new teacher. For me, it is a sign that summer is almost over. On Sunday night we are going to have a "Back to School" picnic with some of our friends thus closing out the summer season. :) Our family has had a full, enjoyable summer. Thank goodness for free lakes, our pool and the park/splash pad. We are very blessed to live in such a family friendly area. Anyway, now we head for fall and you know what that means to me.... CHRISTMAS IS COMING! :) lol

Below: finding their class...

Below: New teachers...

Below: Goodbye summer!

Big Girl Jammies!

At my baby shower a friend of mine gave the baby some 12 month big girl jammie's. I ran out of jammies for the baby because she is growing so fast so I thought to try these "huge" jammies. Guess what? They fit perfectly! lol She looked so grown up. My sweet little girl... Angelina is also ready to crawl! She scoots on all fours and only needs to move her arms to take off. She is at such a fun age. :) We are having a HARD time with naps. She will NOT sleep longer then 20-30 minutes per day because she thinks she is missing out on the fun the kids & my daycare kids are having. lol

Below: a pic of some of the kids I was watching that day. Most days I have a houseful! I am VERY grateful for the in-home daycare doing well and thank my friends/neighbors for trusting me with their awesome kids!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kaleb/Poopie wants to show you something...

Please watch and enjoy the video below... :)
Turn up your speakers!

After we took the video, Kaleb was playing with Angelina on the floor and then said to me, "Mommy, quick and take our picture because this is cute..." :) lol

Movie Magic

For Miguel's birthday, a wonderful guy at our church (Brother Bianez) gave our entire family awesome movie passes to see "Aliens in the Attic." I was VERY surprised with how funny the movie was. I give it two thumbs up. :) Anyway, this was the FIRST time we have EVER been to the movies as a family. We didn't have everyone because our friends Dylan & Stacy watched the baby for us. (Thanks guys!) It was Kaleb's first time ever and he LOVED it! :) He was so into the movie and sat perfectly still the entire time. Thank you again Brother Bianez! We REALLY loved enjoying this gift as a family. :)

"real" birthday

Monday was Miguel's "real" birthday so after Eric took him and Andi to Magic Mountain, we had a little pizza dinner for him with our friends Girl and Mr. Rick. Grandma sent enough gifts for two birthdays so we saved half for this dinner. :) Girl and Mr. Rick gave him a book about Space and as most of you know Miguel is a space freak. He has been reading the book non-stop since then. One of the gifts my mom gave him was the game "Bop It." We all took turns playing and had a great time. Happy Birthday Son!

Below: click the video below to hear the Happy Birthday song! :)

The baby HAD to try the cake...

She loved it! Are you surprised? lol

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