Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goosey's first day of "school"

Last week Goosey started EduMusic on Monday's and Wednesday's and she was sooo excited. She insisted on bringing a backpack. :)

Fall Movie Night

Friday Night was Poopie's first time at his school's "Pizza Family Movie Night." I had to run errands for Andi's party the next day and Miguel is on restriction due to poor grades (yes, he is not getting good grades right now) so this movie night was just Daddy, Poopie and Andi. Goosey, Miguel and I were off to the cell phone store for Andi's "big" gift. :)

Andi's 12th birthday party!

I wanted to make this party geared towards 12 year olds. :) We ended up with a mall scavenger hunt party complete with mall pretzels as snacks and a large toll house cookie as the cake. Add to that the trips to the stores for the scavenger hunt and you have a full-on tween mall party. :) There were 13 girls so we had 3 groups, each with it's own parent "shadow" to follow them around the mall. :) They were given a list of 20 items and only $5 total to spend so they had to get creative. One of the hunt items was that each girl had to get blue eye shadow put on at a make-up counter for 5 extra points. :) A lot of the items would be free if they thought about them hard enough. After they came back from the scavenger hunt they snacked on the pretzels while playing a game where they had to answer questions about Andi. After the game it was time for cookie cake and gifts. It turned out great. :) The Cookie Cake...
All the girls when they first arrived...
Group 1...
Group 2...
Group 3...
All the girls together before they started the hunt...
On your mark, get set, GO!
The table... Yes, that is a carousel in the bag ground and yes, Goosey and Poopie HAD to have a ride... :)
Gifts for Andi and treat bags for the girls...
Pretzel time!
Chaperones Donna & Julie :)
Playing the game "All About Andi."
Chaperone #3... DAD :)
Announcing the winners of the hunt and game...

Below... We caved and got Andi a cell phone. :)
Goosey and Poopie were KNOCKED OUT after this party. That is a sure sign of the party's success. lol
Happy 12th Birthday Andi!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The Big 1-2! Happy Birthday Andi!!!! We love you. Don't grow up to fast!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beautiful Texas Sky

I am often reminded why we are so blessed to live in Texas just by looking up. :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Christina

Today we had Christina (Goosey calls her Ms. X-see-na... lol) over to celebrate her birthday. (She is Goosey's birth mom) I had just planned on some pizza and a gift but I have trained my kids well because they all say there is no such thing as a birthday without balloons, cake, a party hat, and presents. :)

Daddy Daughter Dance

This year's theme was "Luau." :) This was Andi's last year because next week she will turn 12 and will go to "Young Womens" which is the next level up for the girls church group. I think she looks so grown up lately. Anyway, they had a good time and enjoyed some "In 'n' Out" with friends after the dance.

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