Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LET IT SNOW!!!!! WE LOVE Texas!!! - MORE snow today!

Below: Angelina's first time in snow...

Below: Our local park. This is the same splash pad where Miguel had his bday party in August. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009


We got our Christmas card from Grandpa Don-dy today and the kids went CRAZY! Inside were gift cards to... TOYS ARE US! :) Thanks Dad! The kids have made us promise to take them tomorrow. :)

2nd Christmas from Grandma.

Grandma's gifts didn't arrive before Christmas so the kids had to wait until yesterday to open their gifts. They had no idea more was coming so it was Christmas all over again for all of us. :) Thanks Grandma!

Chillin' with Daddy

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

We were lucky enough to wake up to a "White Christmas." What a dream come true!! We didn't get that in Rancho Cucamonga! :)

The kids were very excited to see what Santa brought!

Look Mommy! Santa ate the cookies and left footprints in the paper towels!

Let the opening of gifts commence!

After opening half the gifts, we went to Joni & Kent's house for some AWESOME breakfast casserole.

After breakfast we drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes to see all the snow. We used this opportunity to get a group kid shot and before you freak about about the baby not wearing shoes or socks, you should know she will NOT keep them on even for a minute so we took this shot and put her right back in the car. :) No frozen toes. lol

Once home, we continued to open the other half of the gifts. It is a nice way to stretch out the day. The baby isn't in this half of the pics because she zonked out for her nap. :)

My dear friend Dee out-did herself with our gifts this year. She got us In "n" Out place mats, tons of Angels cups, USC stuff for Eric, ornaments, and her super talented niece made me an ANGELS BLANKET! :)

Our favorite part of the day is always the wrapping paper pile. In this pic Poopie had just done a belly flop in to the pile... :)

Stocking time...

The baby woke up just in time for her stalking. :)

Daddy the Hero puts together the toys...

Later in the day my cousin Scott and his son Chris came over to share leftovers with us from our party the night before. It was SUCH A NICE VISIT and I am so glad to have such nice family here with me in Texas.

Angelina LOVED Cousin Scott which surprised us because she has major stager anxioty and is not comfortable with pretty much anyone except us. How adorable is this pic? :) We love you guys and are so glad you shared your Christmas Day with us!

Our evening ended with a nice visit with angelina's birth parents Christina and DJ. We shared some dessert, hung out and exchanged gifts. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas and hope you did too!

Please enjoy these short videos of our day... :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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