Friday, July 31, 2009

Just Chillin'

The other night it was way to quiet in the house. Where was Kaleb? I found him doing this... Just sitting on the couch with Sissy listening to her "tunes." :) I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Just listening to my songs Mommy!" Sooo cute! :) Andi is such a good big sister. She is sooo patient with Kaleb.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Twinkle Star

Angelina is getting soo big. She wears a size 9 months in outfits and 12 months in jammies! She has been ready to crawl for some time and scoots/rolls across the room. Baby Girl is such a wonderful baby and we love her so much! She will be 6 months in two weeks. It was at this time 6 months ago that my Dear Papa passed away and I was so sad that he was not able to meet her in person. I know he and my Grammie would be very proud of the baby that carries their names. :)

Daddy love

Scary Night = sweet pic

We had a scary night with the weather last night. The thunder was so loud and the lighting seemed like it was striking right outside our window so everyone ended up in the living room. :)

Yes, King Poopie got the couch... lol

Hell's Kitchen

Yesterday I started to make dinner when Kaleb asked me if he could help. Since Andi was already helping I said yes. Soon after he started yelling at me that I was wasting food and not doing it right. I asked him what he was doing and he yelled back... "Do you want to stay on Hell's Kitchen or not?!" lol He proceeded to whisper to me that he is not really yelling at me... we are playing Hell's Kitchen while we are making dinner and he is the "Boss Chef." :) So, we all played along. When he said again that I was not doing it right I said, "sorry Poopie" and he quickly reminded me to say "YES CHEF!" It was a fun way to cook up a meal. Next time I'M going to be the head chef. hahaha

Below: every time I tried to take his pic he was trying to "taste" our dinner. :) He thought if he flashed me a great smile and looked right at the camera like I always ask him too, I would not notice where is finger were going... lol


Poopie in the baby's car seat that used to be his... :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Introducing Cousin Scott!

Tonight we had my cousin Scott over for dinner after church. I was thrilled when I found out one of my cousins lives in McKinney and we finally got together. This was the cousin that requested Del Taco hot sauce as his souvenir from our trip to Cali. Andi is holding up the goods in the pic below. lol I have not seen him since I was in Jr. High so it was awesome to see him again and get to know him better! His kids are coming to live with him so we will soon have MORE cousins to enjoy family time with. :)

Thanks for a great evening Cousin Scott!

Rip your heart out cute...

Poopie adores Angelina. He reads to her, kisses her & tells her he loves her all the time. They are best friends. :) Here he is reading to her as soon as we got home from the store. I didn't even have time to take her out of her seat! lol

What we have been doing this summer...

No, we have not adopted again. :) I have started my in-home daycare. Sometimes I have up to 7 kids in the house at once! lol Yikes! We have gone to the pool, splash pad, park and lake. All FREE because that's how I roll... :) Below: playing with friends at the pool...
Below: Lake fun... (thanks for taking these pics with your phone Girl!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

About birth mothers

I don't think I can ever express the gratitude we have for birth mothers. Being a birth mother is truly the highest calling given by God. Without the choice of our birth moms to give birth and then to show that they are completely unselfish by giving our family the perfect gift, Eric and I would not know what it's like to be a Mommy & Daddy. Please take one moment to watch this short video to, in some small way, understand the prospective of the birth family. Honestly, Christina (Angelina's birth mom) was the only one who had to go through her entire pregnancy and make the choice for adoption. Andi & Miguel's BM lost custody after inflicting abuse and neglect. Kaleb's birth mom did not know she was pregnant and gave birth to him in her high school bathroom, but then made such a grown up decision afterwards to choose adoption. Her mom was trying to convince her to keep the baby but she knew the best thing for him was to have a family with a mom & a dad and a better life than she had. (She was 16 and her family lived in a trailer.) I remember meeting her and the social worker asked her about a name and she said, "You guys can name him. He is YOUR baby." :) Then there is Christina who knew she was pg and had to agonize her entire pregnancy over what was best for the baby girl she was carrying, feeling, and bonding with. I CAN'T imagine how hard that must have been and how hard it still is to deal with. The day we got Angelina was so weird because we were so happy for us, yet our hearts broke for Christina and DJ knowing the pain they have just gone through to leave her for us and to sign the paperwork making her ours. What I DO know is that we are a loving family created by adoption. I love my kids as if i had given birth to them myself. We are grateful EVERYDAY for the women who brought our children to us. We are ETERNALLY grateful.

Get your tissues ready... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talking to Grandma

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One of the moms from Miguel's team is a photographer so she took some great pics of Miguel & Eric (he was the third base coach) during the season. She also got some great pics of the Pardes vs Parents game.

Below: Padres vs Parents Game

I want to add this pic that was taken on Monday... Miguel got to go on a field trip with his cub scout pack to the National Boy Scout museum. Don't all the boys look cute!

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