Saturday, July 30, 2011

Family visit & Babe's Chicken and Heritage Square in Frisco

On July 11th, Eric's brother and his family came to visit all the way from California! It was a GREAT week and we had so much fun showing them a bit about where we live. As much fun as it was for us as adults, our kids were over-the-moon to have their cousins around. They are already asking when we can see them again. Goosey comes up to me at the computer and tells me, " I want to see my cousins!" She won't stop unless I show her pics from our visit. :) Andi was in Heaven with sleep overs every night in the game room and cousins her age to relate too. Miguel was happy to have other kids besides his sister around that were his age. :) I owe a big thanks to my sister-in-law Daphne because at least half of these pics are ones she took. :) I broke up all the pics by each outing so I didn't have post overload. :) Enjoy! (if you want to see a pic up close, just click on the pic once and it will make it larger.)

Below: Eric's brother Isaac, his wife Daphne and their daughters Amara and Jordyn. (their third daughter Sam was back in Cali because she just graduated college in December and started a new job.) We are sad we weren't able to see her on this visit, but very proud of her and hopeful to see her next time.

Happy Birthday Isaac! :)

At the end of the evening, Goosey bonded with her Uncle Isaac over some music. :)

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Laura said...

Looks like lots of wonderful family memories have been made! Great photos.

Lisa - you crack me up...I was updating when you posted on my blog! Looks like we're on the same wavelength, girl!

~Laura :)

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