Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Cheyenne's 1st Birthday - Nov. 3rd

We had Baby Cheyenne's 1st Birthday Party at the local Cici's pizza place.  It was a super-awesome day.  Poopie had a play-off game at the same time as the party so Daddy and Poopie missed the first half of the party.  It all worked out.  Poopie won and had his best game ever and Cheyenne had a fun 1st birthday. :) 
Fun side note: Cheyenne wore the same dress Goosey wore for her 1st birthday :)

Below: the cake topper was made by my friend Cristina Wise and the cake balls were made by my other friend Erin Borjas. 




Below: At home after the party...

 We love you sooooo much Baby Cheyenne!  You really are our sunbeam!

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