Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is there anything better than hanging out with Daddy?

I know this is like the 100th post about hanging out with Daddy, but the cuteness factor requires that I post these pics. Poopie and Goosey always want to be right on top of him when he walks in the door. Andi & Miguel immediately start showing him everything they have done all day, ask him one million questions and want to be around him. Now, I know I am not good at checking homework. After all, Eric IS the teacher of the family so we might as well get our monies worth... but geez! Am I nothing at all? Aren't I cool too? lol :)

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Laura said...'re way cool!!! And Lisa...I promise to fully catch up on your blog soon. I've been swamped (hence, I love your "I need a Kristina update!") but I hope to sit down this weekend and see all I've been missing in your life.

You keep me in awe with all you do!

~Laura :)

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