Friday, May 20, 2011

Poopie's Preschool Graduation!

What a day this was.  I can't believe that our little 4 pound 11 oz baby boy just graduated from preschool.  He loved his preschool but can't wait to go to elementry.  Although my heart aches a little more each time he moves a little closer to growing up, I am soooo proud. :)
We got there an hour early so we could get front row seats.
My lovey was the first one to walk down the isle.
Below: short video of the procession...
Below: They sang a few songs with dance moves. :)
Below: on the screen you can see his baby and graduation pics. :)  They did this for each student as they went up to get their award and diploma. 

At the end of the ceremony, each child gave a rose to their mom. :)
They made a GREAT video of the kids getting interviewed. Poopie is the second from the left.
Below: Poopie with his teacher Ms. Tabitha.

Poopie with his Principal Ms. Lori
His celebration requests afterward graduation were ice cream and McDonald's. :)

Once we were home and everyone was in their jammies, Poopie opened his cards.

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