Monday, June 6, 2011

Kaleb's 1st day of swimming lessons

He did great. :) I am so happy that we got him in to a class with his two buddies from church. (Matt Mo and Ben - they are brothers) There are two teachers for only 3 kids so for the entire hours it's like each kid has 1 on 1 attention. At first he was a little scared. He has never gone in the water without floaties and this was his first time in a pool since last summer. About mid way through, the smiles started. The first time he went under he cried, but by the end of the lesson he was going under water just fine. :) My baby is growing up! :) He is so excited to get to go to lessons all week.

Below: getting ready to leaveBelow: at swim lessons with his friends :)
Below: not moving from the first step... lol Below: the first time he went under water... He tried to get out and run to me. lol Starting to feel better...
Below: LOVE the look he is giving his teacher... "I hope you know what you're doing lady!"
Getting more and more brave...
Below: Yes! She does know what she is talking about... I like this! :)
Below: "Mommy, I was never scared! What are you talking about?"
Below: He wanted to show me how cool he was by going under water with his teacher. :)


Elle Bee said...

That is so great!! You've got a good instructor there.

Land family said...

Awesome! It's wonderful when they get to enjoy and feel comfortable in the water.

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