Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very interesting~!

Nothing EVER happens in our area but today we had a tornado warning. Poor south Dallas always gets the bad weather and they had several tornadoes touch down. I was out running errands and heard there was a thunder storm warning so I decided to go to Poopie's school early to beat the "rain traffic" but once I got there a teacher was waiting outside telling all the parents to get inside. Once inside we were told to get in the bathroom. I was at the school for about an hour and a half before they let us sign out the kids. Luckily I ran in to Amanda and her son Liam from church and we kept each other company. Goosey played with their Ipad. Cheyenne was happy to look around at the commotion. lol I am glad his school is prepared just in case, but again, we never get the bad stuff here. (knock on wood.) :) Yes, I let Goosey sit on the bathroom floor. It's not like I had a choice and it was clean... lol


Amanda said...

Glad we were there together:)

Andrea said...

How scary! Glad everyone is alright, and glad the bathrooms were clean. Could you imagine having this happen at Alta Loma High School? Those bathrooms were so gross!

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