Wednesday, May 9, 2012

School Dance and sleepover

Last Friday Andi had a school dance.  Before the dance her friends came to our house for pics.  Afterwards they came back to our house for pizza and a trip to the mall.  Later, we rented a movie and the girls had a sleepover.  :)

Below: the girls in our van ready for me to drive them to the school... :)
The dance was a Hollywood theme so they got to walk in on a red carpet. :)
They changed clothes after the dance and had pizza before we headed to the mall.

Goosey was very excited to go in the mall like the big girls.  Don't worry, we stayed out of sight so the girls would not lose any cool points... lol

The girls bought matching plastic BFF rings and bracelets.  So Jr. High... lol

 They camped out in the game room upstairs.  I love having a house with enough space to throw the tweens during sleepovers.  :)

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Amanda said...

What a fun mom u are! Geezzz ur kids r growing up! U look amazing in that picture Lisa:)

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