Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cheyenne's Adoption Finalization - May 8th - 2012

The day started out VERY early... We had to be at the courthouse in Fort Worth (which is about an hour and 15 minutes away) at 7:45am.  My friend Meghan took Poopie and Goosey at 6am (and took Poopie to school) and our friend Sarah took Andi and Miguel to school.  Everyone was dressed and ready to go at 5:45am.  It was nice to be able to really enjoy the moment with Cheyenne.  After the finalization we went to Mimi's for breakfast before heading home.  Later that night we all went out to dinner to celebrate as a family.  (Olive Garden) 
It was a wonderful day. :)

Below: this was the same dress Goosey wore for her adoption finalization three years ago so I made this side by side pic... :)


Amanda said...

What a special day! Love that they wore the same dress;)

Land family said...

Congratulations! So special!

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